After Effects 2021 MasterClass

Learn how to create beautiful Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

A little more information

After Effects is the software professionals use to create amazing, sometimes dazzling motion graphics. It's used in a vast number of industries, including TV, web and film.

In this course, we will learn how the foundations of this versatile application work. We will start from scratch, with a blank project and start building our own animations. We will also cover the close integration between After Effects and  Illustrator

With this hands-on training course, you will learn all the tips and tricks that the professional designers use to create eye-catching motion graphics. 

You will master keyframes and become an expert in using the dreaded graph editor. You will also learn how to use After Effects to create 3D compositions. 

This masterclass is designed for complete beginners, but even if you are a seasoned After Effects user, we promise you will learn countless tricks that you wish you knew before! You will learn about speeding up your workflow, fixing shaky footage, effects and text animation. 

After Effects offers a number of built-in presets when it comes to animating. As well as exploring these presets, we will be learning how to create our own custom presets and animations. 

You will also learn how motion tracking works by attaching a piece of graphic or text to a live action video and mask it to make it believable. 

If you are ready to step into the world of animated graphics and visual effects, then let's get started.

Who this course is for

  • Beginner video editors, animators
  • Experienced editors, animators who are looking to advance their skills
  • Anyone with an interest in animations, visual effects
  • Filmmakers & Cinematographers
  • Corporate video makers


No prior knowledge of After Effects is required to take this course.

By completing this course you will

  • Creating eye-catching animations, motion graphics, visual effects
  • Be proficient in After Effects
  • At the end of each chapter, you will learn a new key skill 
  • Visual Effects and Animations


Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate as a testament to your new skills.

  • 73 video lessons

  • Downloadable project files

  • 6 hours

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5 star rating

Exactly what I needed

Marelise Jacobs

Thank you to Ozgur Gorgun for creating this Masterclass, I am a complete beginner with regards to After Effects and he has structured a very good course to i...

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Thank you to Ozgur Gorgun for creating this Masterclass, I am a complete beginner with regards to After Effects and he has structured a very good course to introduce all the elements and then take them further.

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5 star rating

Excellent overview of the fundamentals

Sasha Frost

Packed with useful approaches and shortcuts to speed up workflow

Packed with useful approaches and shortcuts to speed up workflow

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • After Effects Interface

    • Workspaces

    • Exercise Files

  • 2

    Importing Assets

    • Importing Standard Files

    • Importing Layered Files

    • Updating an Imported Layer

    • Navigating Around

  • 3


    • Layer Switches

    • Intro to Layer Transform Controls

    • Position

    • Scale and Rotation

    • Anchor Point

    • Opacity

  • 4


    • Creating a Composition

    • Composition Settings

    • Background Colour

  • 5


    • Creating and Editing Solids

    • Layer Alignment and Distribution

    • Working with Guides and Grids

  • 6


    • Intro to Keyframes

    • More Keyframes

    • Editing Keyframes

    • Timing Layers

    • Pausing an Animation

  • 7

    Motion Paths

    • Intro to Motion Paths

    • Motion Sketch

    • Fixing the Orientation

    • Using Paths from Illustrator

    • Rove Across Time

  • 8


    • Intro to Parenting

    • Animating Linked Layers

    • Working with Pre-comps

  • 9

    Keyframe Interpolation

    • Different Types of Keyframes

    • Intro to Graph Editor

    • Undershoot and Overshoot

    • Keyframe Velocity

  • 10

    Your First Animation

    • Project Brief

    • Project Files

  • 11

    Text Animation

    • Setting up the Composition

    • Creating Text

    • Animating Text with Standard Keyframes

    • Text Animation Presets

    • Custom Text Animators and Range Selectors

    • Combining Multiple Selectors and Properties

  • 12

    Class Project - Text Animation

    • Project Brief

    • Project Files

  • 13

    3D Compositions

    • Intro to the Third Dimension

    • Understanding the 3D Axis

    • The Updated 3D Axis in CC2021

    • Navigating in 3D Space

    • Updated 3D Navigation in CC2021

    • Working with Multiple Views

    • Snapping in 3D

  • 14

    3D Elements

    • Working with Lights

    • Working with Cameras

    • Two-node Cameras

    • Depth of Field

    • Switching Cameras

  • 15

    Class Project - 3D Room

    • Project Brief

    • Project Files

  • 16

    Working with Cinema 4D Lite

    • Launching Cinema 4D Through After Effects

    • Introduction to Cinema 4Ds Interface

    • Navigating in 3D Space

    • Working with Parametric Objects

    • Move, Scale, Rotate

    • Object Properties

    • Creating Custom 3D Shapes

    • Rendering a Text Spline

    • Using Cinema 4D Lights

    • Using Materials

  • 17

    Class Project - Creating a Cinema 4D Render

    • Project Brief

  • 18


    • Introduction to Effects

    • Keyframing Effects

    • Colour Correcting with Lumetri Color

    • Using Animation Presets and Transitions

    • Blending Modes

  • 19


    • Introduction to Masks

    • Working with the Pen Tool

    • Compositing Text with Masks

  • 20

    Adjustment Layers

    • Intro to Adjustment Layers

    • Masking Adjustment Layers

    • Adjustment Layers - Rotoscoping

    • Introduction to Roto Brush

    • Refining the Roto Brush Results

    • Selectively Applying Effects

    • Content Aware Fill

  • 21

    Class Project - Changing the Background of a Video

    • Project Brief

    • Project Files

  • 22

    Motion Tracking

    • Intro to Motion Tracking

    • Stabilising Motion

    • Warp Stabilizer

    • Tracking Masks

    • 3D Camera Tracker

  • 23

    Using Photoshop and Illustrator for Animation

    • Taking a Hand Drawn Sketch into Photoshop for Cleanup

    • Bringing the Sketch into Illustrator

    • Tracing the Sketch in Illustrator

    • Creating the rest of the Illustration

    • Preparing the File for After Effects

    • Animating the Illustration in After Effects

  • 24

    Class Project - Animating a Hand Drawn Sketch

    • Project Brief

  • 25


    • Exporting Directly from After Effects

    • Using Adobe Media Encoder

  • 26

    Final Project

    • Now it's your turn

    • Project Files

  • 27


    • Conclusion Video


Adobe Certified Instructor

Ozgur Gorgun

Ozgur Gorgun is an award winning filmmaker, photographer and motion designer. He has been working in the film and TV industry both in the UK and abroad for over a decade. He is an Adobe Certified Expert, Video Specialist and Instructor. He is also one of the very few Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Trainers in the world. Ozgur taught and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as SKY, BBC, Sony Pictures, ITV, Google, Microsoft, to name a few. Ozgur has been teaching for over a decade and taught thousands of students from school kids to CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world. He considers it a privilege to be able to contribute to that "lightbulb moment" when a creative person learns a new skill.

It's time to master After Effects!

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