Some of the companies Martin delivered training to or worked for as a designer:

Things people say about Martin's training videos:

"Great tutorial! I have taken a graphic design class and this tutorial added a lot of new information to what I have already learned. You put things into easy and understandable terms. I will definitely continue with the other videos.” Linda

“I have been working through the Adobe Photoshop “Classroom in a book” and finding it powerful but extremely tedious. Martin’s tutorials are like splashing your face in a cool, crystal clear mountain stream (ie. invigorating).” Ross

“I watched your video tutorials on vimeo and just wanted to say you are a gifted teacher. The tutorials are very easy to follow. I have bought some books and watched some video tutorials but yours are top class.” Socrates

“Let me please express my gratitude for your PS tutorials! I find them not only informative and useful but also pleasant to listen to and view. I believe they are made for all kinds of users pros and beginners. By nature i am quite lazy but your tutorials are made with a kind and easy attitude and warm energy that you do not really see around the Internet often, it makes me want to study!” Sviatla

"All I can say is you are making me love Photoshop. There is probably many people who are brilliant at using Photoshop, however it doesn’t make them good teachers, but this is where Martin Perhiniak SHINES! You are an amazing teacher, thank you so much. I love my media and web design course but without your tutorials it would be much more difficult." Jane

“Martin Perhiniak not only knows his stuff, he knows how to make YOU know his stuff. I didn’t have a clue about Photoshop when I started Martin’s course. I’m not a “design person”, and Photoshop has always been just out of reach. Thanks to Martin, I learned enough to make Photoshop do useful things. He didn’t waste my time with interface tours or background blabbery. Martin taught a practical, hands-on course, and I look forward to his next one.” Bob

“You are an awesome teacher, and explain things extremely well, and am thankful for your online tutorials.” Cesar

“I wish Adobe got someone like you to write a manual for the rest of us so I didn’t waste so much time” Harry

“Not all genius can share their knowledge. You’re not just tutoring, you’re inspiring!” Mike