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If you want to take your 3D animation skills to the next level by creating amazingly realistic interactions between 3D objects, then this course is for you!

This hands-on training will teach you everything you need to know about Rigid Body Dynamics in Cinema 4D.

We will start the course by looking at when and why you should use Dynamics. We'll then move onto the foundations of working with Dynamics, covering topics such as rigid bodies, colliders, gravity, bounce, friction, velocity, triggers, hinges, forces and much more.

You will also learn how Dynamics can be used together with MoGraph in order to create some very interesting animations.

And at the end of the training, you will be given a task to create a dynamic animation with the skills you’ve learned on the course and bit of your own imagination!

Together with the course, you also get access to all of the project files so you can download and use them as you watch the lessons.

Join me on this course and let's create some dynamic animations together!

Who this course is for:
  • Cinema 4D users looking to learn how Dynamics work
  • 3D animators
  • Motion designers
  • Anyone with an interest in learning how to create realistic animations in C4D


Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate as a testament to your new skills.

  • 26 video lessons

  • Downloadable project files

  • 2.5 hours

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Project Files

  • 2

    Intro to Dynamic Bodies

    • Animating a bouncing ball with keyframes

    • Introduction to Dynamics

    • Gravity

    • Collider Bodies

    • Bounce, Friction and Collision Noise

  • 3

    Dynamic Animation Controls

    • Animating Collider Bodies

    • Collision Shapes

    • Custom Initial Velocity

    • Compound Collision Shapes

  • 4

    Creating Advanced Dynamics

    • Triggers

    • Initial State

    • Bullet-time Style Dynamics with Time Scale

    • Follow Position

    • Working with Forces

    • Centre of Gravity

    • Using Hinges

  • 5

    Troubleshooting Dynamics

    • Dynamic Visualisation

    • Steps Per Frame

    • Caching/Baking Simulations

    • Working with Angular Damping

    • Switching Between Collider-Rigid Bodies

  • 6

    Course Exercise

    • Student Task

    • Creating the Final Animation

  • 7


    • Conclusion


Adobe Certified Instructor

Ozgur Gorgun

Ozgur Gorgun is an award winning filmmaker, photographer and motion designer. He has been working in the film and TV industry both in the UK and abroad for over a decade. He is an Adobe Certified Expert, Video Specialist and Instructor. He is also one of the very few Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Trainers in the world. Ozgur taught and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry such as SKY, BBC, Sony Pictures, ITV, Google, Microsoft, to name a few. Ozgur has been teaching for over a decade and taught thousands of students from school kids to CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world. He considers it a privilege to be able to contribute to that "lightbulb moment" when a creative person learns a new skill.

It's time to master Dynamic Simulations in Cinema 4D

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