Ultimate preparation for the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC exam

The ultimate guide on how to prepare for the Adobe Photoshop Expert.

A little more information

This course will help you to prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC Exam. 

Passing this exam provides you with the highest official certification you can get, demonstrates your knowledge of Photoshop and can help further your career in the creative industry.

Adobe suggests you have at least 2 years of solid experience working in Photoshop before taking the exam. However, this course enables you to prepare for and pass the exam with much less previous knowledge. Each topic and feature is explained in this course with all levels of users in mind.

The exam is made up of 10 big topics, which are all covered in great detail with video tutorials in this course. At the end of each topic, you will find a test. These help you to prepare for the real exam and summarise what you have learnt in each topic. 

At the end of the course there are 5 main test exams. Each of them has 40 random questions from all 10 topics. Taking these will be very similar to the real exam situation and will help you to gain confidence.

It's recommended you spend time practicing what you've learned in Photoshop. So if you wish to prepare thoroughly it will probably take 1-2 weeks to finish this course depending on your Photoshop skills.

Currently this is the only online course available offering a complete preparation guide for the Photoshop CC Expert exam. Watch the videos in the first section to find out more about the exam and you can also cover the whole first exam topic for free. This course will get you up to speed so you can pass the exam with flying colors.

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